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Get Ready To Enjoy A Summer Free From Pain

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

How assisted stretching can help you stay active and pain-free

Lady in bikini standing in sea, arms raised in pain free movement

It’s officially Summer and the longer, warmer days gives us the chance for renewed focus on our fitness. But if the last few months haven’t been very kind to you in terms of your ongoing pain, then you are not alone. In England around 10 million people live with chronic pain with one third of those suffering from “high impact” chronic pain, which is where their pain makes it an ongoing challenge to take part in daily activities.

We’re not exactly being served by our environment either. Too many of us spend more than 35 hours a week at our desks and it’s a habit that’s slowly destroying our health. 21st century life is the perfect recipe for giving us short, tight muscles and shortened hamstrings, leading to stiff joints and permanent discomfort. Can you remember the last time you got up off the sofa without grunting?

So if you’d love to get out and about and be more active during the Summer but you’ve been hiding away for the last few months nursing painful joints or ligaments and are worried about doing more damage, I can help you. With my AquaStretch assisted stretching programme I can help you undo any damage from a sedentary lifestyle, injury or chronic ailment.

What is AquaStretch Assisted Stretching?

Stretching keeps muscles strong, supple and healthy, allowing you to support the activity of your joints and muscles without risk of pain or injury. Most people are familiar with the need to “warm up” and “warm down” our muscles before and after exercise. But if when you try to stretch by yourself you find that you’re not as flexible as you would like, or that your range of motion is restricted, or you’re experiencing discomfort, then you may benefit from more effective stretching and myofascial release techniques.

Assisted stretching is stretching with another person, with the second person playing an active role in helping you get the proper range of motion your body needs. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, you can target specific areas of your body that are causing you the most pain or discomfort. For example you may be recovering from an injury, or you may be looking for ways to improve your sporting performance.

With AquaStretch, you get the added benefit of water. In water, you have almost no gravity. You're relieved of 90% of your body weight, so you become buoyant, plus the water provides some resistance so you need to work that little bit harder (with my help!). The water also allows you to stretch multidimensionally into positions that are not possible on land or a therapists couch.

What can AquaStretch Assisted Stretching do for you?

lady in jeans stretching and jumping for joy, pain free

When joints and muscles are restricted, your physical mobility suffers. You may experience daily aches and pains, headaches, low energy and mood, muscle tightness or pain in your joints such as your shoulders, spine, neck, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.

With regular AquaStretch sessions, apart from an improved athletic performance, better flexibility or being able to move more easily, many regular clients also notice better posture, better symmetry in their body alignment, improved balance, and improved blood flow around the body. These “side effects” often contribute to a better general sense of overall wellbeing, with reduced stress levels, fewer headaches, and a time just for you to relax.

Scheduling an assisted stretching session with me allows for a 15-to-45-minute window of time focused solely on what your body needs, without the outside influences of the world around you. My initial assessment will determine the likely cause of any restriction in movement, and whether these restrictions are detrimental to your health and function. I will then draw upon the most effective stretching and fascia release techniques to help you achieve better flexibility and quality of movement you’re looking for, fast.

Get fit for Summer

family on beach making heart signs

When you feel bad about yourself physically, your mental health is likely to suffer too. Summer is the perfect time to shed those Winter layers and embrace a new routine. Eating well, exercising, sleeping sufficiently and drinking enough water all contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle.

By keeping your muscles and joints strong, supple and healthy using assisted stretching, over time you’ll be able to reduce your pain and free your mind to enjoy whatever the Summer has in store for you.

To find out more about AquaStretch or to book a session with me, please give me a call on 07702 833033, or email:

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