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Dr Aysha Mohammed

“When Karen took me into the pool, pushing and pulling, I was unsure of its efficiency. However, I couldn’t believe how much difference it made. Over the last few years, my hips have become increasingly stiff with reduced range of motion but normal stretches haven’t made any difference. It was reaching the stage that it was starting to affect my walking as I could feel my gait restricted taking big steps.


Now I can walk with no restriction, I can climb on and off my bike more easily, in and out of the bath and my secretary thought my sitting posture was good. I even feel easier on the dance floor! Joints are held together by muscle and fascia so theoretically by targeting this you could increase flexibility. Why it works in water, who knows. It would be easy to measure and studies are underway with implications for its use in rehabilitation (where I work).


All I know for sure is that it had a big impact on me, with just an inch or so change in hip flexion. The saddest thing is that Karen lives in London and I live in Australia!


Thank you, Karen.”

Shala Qadi

"Karen is an absolute miracle worker! After a car accident almost 10 years ago with my body seized up pretty much from head to toe. I was bedridden at times from my 20's. I had been from specialist to specialist & spent 50k on therapy to still be in considerable pain constantly. I'm now heavily pregnant during Covid & in 1 session, Karen has virtually eliminated all my bodily pain in one pleasurable & relaxing 'underwater massage' session! She's highly professional, with excellent technique, reasonably priced & explained every step, making me feel safe & secure the entire time despite being a non-swimmer.


I have since taken up further aerobics fitness classes with her & 1 to 1 antenatal aqua classes as I can't seem to live without her now! Simply put everyone should try this if you have any aches or pains, given daily modern day living & pressures as standard.


Thank you for changing my quality of life long term, for the better Karen! Highly recommended!"

Beverley Peart

“After having major back surgery I had a treatment from Karen and after the first session, I did not need any pain medication for a period of two weeks.  I went back for another session and had no need for the painkillers for another month I now go for a top-up every three to four months so that I remain pain-free and continue to live my life doing the things that I love to do with no restrictions.

Thomas Gabriel

I had been suffering back pain for a number of years. However, after a thorough assessment, Karen devised a ten week programme of stretching and strengthening exercises for me which has corrected postural imbalances and weaknesses which had been the cause of my back pain. My whole body, and in particular my lower body, is now a lot stronger which has also addressed weakness arising from old sports injuries. My back pain is no more.


I can thoroughly recommend Karen.

Miriam Mead

"I hurt my back very badly, I was in a lot of pain. After just one session with Karen I felt like a new person, it gave me more mobility, the pain got better I would highly recommend aqua stretch."

Lorraine Foulkes

“I went to Karen to try something new as I wanted to take fewer painkillers.  After the first treatment, I could lift my arms above my head and could turn my head without pain.  My legs felt lighter and I slept without waking up in pain.  I would highly recommend Karen and the AquaStretch treatment.


Karen thank you”

Richard Francis

Karen was very clear in her explanations and her technique was brilliant. It always gives me confidence in someone who spots a problem with a muscle that I didn't mention. After the treatment, I felt a foot higher and a stone lighter. She is also a lovely person (and no, I didn't know her before the treatment... I was just very impressed with her). Fantastic.

Marilyn Aziziollahoff

"Booked a session with Karen not knowing what to expect, just hoping I would have a positive result. This has to be the best experience especially as I was totally unaware of what was be. Even after just one session I came away feeling completely stretched and totally invigorated. Would definitely recommend to my friends and anyone who needs some help with aches and pains!"

Julie Stickland

"Had Aqua stretch with Karen at Copthall pool, I have spinal stenosis and had recently had my 2nd fusion, I was extremely stiff and had issues with my back and legs, all the muscles were very tight. Karen gave me an explanation of how and why she was going to do it. I found the sessions very helpful they loosened up my muscles & ligaments and helped me cope with the pain and gave me more flexibility."

Lisa Baptiste

"I had my first session with Karen Charles at Copthall Swimming Pool and it was amazing. She explained everything beforehand and during the session which was very helpful. I felt very safe in her hands throughout the session. Afterward, she made sure I was feeling okay and instructed me to drink plenty of water and rest if necessary. The following day I could feel that every joint had been worked and although I was aching I felt more flexible than I had in months. I will definitely be continuing with this treatment. Thank you Karen Charles."

Helen Bettridge

Karen is fabulous, and AquaStretch (which I had never heard of before meeting Karen!) has been a revelation to me. I train hard, I didn't "need" rehabilitation from anything and yet this has enabled quicker recovery from stiffness better flexibility so I can lift heavier and stretch further.  I am a Tri-Athlete and often training tightens up my quads and hamstrings.  Nothing sorts it out better.  


The unexpected side effects of also sorting out my pre-menstrual migraines... this has been the best discovery I didn't know I needed!   Thanks so much Karen

Claire Brunner

"I had an AquaStretch Session with Karen and I went in not knowing what to expect but really enjoyed the feeling of lightness and movement that it gave back to me after the session,  no more aching muscles.

Colvin Nurse

“I was aware of Karen's AquaStretch sessions as my wife had taken a couple of sessions and to be honest I was doubtful of the possible result.  a session was booked for me by the good lady to which I attended, with reservations.  At the end of the session, I have to admit I was very impressed.  The aches and pains I had been carrying for a month had gone.  I was more relaxed. I have since had further sessions.


I can happily recommend Karen and the AquaStretch.  If like I did, you have doubts, try it anyway and I am sure you will benefit from the session ”

Helen Say

Aquastretch is fantastic and so is Karen. I have tight hamstrings and carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. But being supported by the water while Karen manipulates all your joints and muscles is a surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable experience. It's more than a massage and Karen works really hard to get that fascia release, I always feel amazing at the end of a session and I can feel my body becoming more flexible. I highly recommend Karen's Aquastretch to anyone.

Jan Moses

"My treatments have made such a difference. They’ve helped my pain management & general mobility. Thank you!"

Sophie Monaghan

"I found aqua stretch very beneficial. It is a way to attain flexibility and reduce pain as I have reduced mobility in my leg and arm after a motorbike accident. I found the whole experience very relaxing and not at all painful. Highly recommended!"

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