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Natural Pain Management with
Mobility Therapies

Live the life you want, not a life in pain

Keeping you moving, with ease

My holistic approach helps you achieve long-term wellness and improve your physical and mental health, and your sporting performance. Contact me to find out more.

Whatever the cause of your pain, and however long you’ve had it, and you want it to stop.  I can help you achieve that by improving your overall mobility.

Or if you’re a dancer or athlete, I can help you keep your muscles and joints fluid, and maintain your body in peak condition. 

Good mobility means that your body is in balance, moves well, and you’re less likely to suffer from injury. Plus having a good range of motion reduces any stiffness you may have in your joints or muscles and alleviates your pain. There is plenty of medical evidence to prove that people who are more physically active can lower their risk of chronic pain development.

women stretching down and touching toes

Movement is vital for reducing pain, but you may feel that regular exercise is beyond you right now. You don’t need to commit to a gym routine or take up a new sport to improve your mobility. It could be that a few gentle assisted stretching exercises or a programme of simple corrective exercises will be enough to reduce your pain or even eliminate it altogether. 

There are several ways that I can help you improve your overall mobility and flexibility, diminishing your pain and improving your quality of life, all tailored to your individual needs and goals:

•    The Pain Free Movement Programme – a non-invasive exercise program designed to address                chronic pain and musculoskeletal limitations

•    The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Programme – designed for anyone who wants to           work on their posture and core strength

•    AquaStretch UK - a specific type of assisted/guided stretching that is only made possible when in           the water

Next Steps:

Whether you’re currently suffering from chronic pain, stiff joints or aching muscles, or you’re recovering from illness, injury or surgery, I recommend that we start with a Full Body Assessment. This will allow me to evaluate how well you move now, and what type of exercise programme will suit you best.

If you’d like more details about how I can help you live the life you want and not a life in pain, then please get in touch.


Copthall Leisure Centre

Champions Way

London NW4 1PX

Mobile: 07702 833033


Dr Aysha Mohammed

“When Karen took me into the pool, pushing and pulling, I was unsure of its efficiency. However, I couldn’t believe how much difference it made. Over the last few years, my hips have become increasingly stiff with reduced range of motion but normal stretches haven’t made any difference. It was reaching the stage that it was starting to affect my walking as I could feel my gait restricted taking big steps. Now I can walk with no restriction, I can climb on and off my bike more easily, in and out of the bath and my secretary thought my sitting posture was good. I even feel easier on the dance floor! Joints are held together by muscle and fascia so theoretically by targeting this you could increase flexibility. Why it works in water, who knows. It would be easy to measure and studies are underway with implications for its use in rehabilitation (where I work). All I know for sure is that it had a big impact on me, with just an inch or so change in hip flexion. The saddest thing is that Karen lives in London and I live in Australia! Thank you, Karen.”

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